As a foreword, this post is an excerpt from a thread on Mountain Project. Resurrection is a stopper that is traveling around the country on various adventures.

Alright, so I'm going to try to keep this relatively brief, so that I actually finish writing it. In short, Resurrection accompanied me for about 3 weeks around Washington and BC. For a lot of the time, we were searching for dry rock, and ended up doing more sport & bouldering than trad climbing, until we made it to Vantage.

During the first weekend that I had Resurrection, we were focused on Mt. Baker and doing some ski touring. We skied on Saturday on Mt. Shuksan (my first time skinning), and then on Sunday headed up Mt. Baker for a single-day ascent. I won't bore you climbers with mountaineering details, but we made it up to about 9600' before turning around due to crampon failure.

The next day, our goal was to head up to Squamish so that we could get on the Apron and do some longer multi-pitch climbing with Resurrection in tow. The forecast wasn't great, but we drove up anyways to see what we could make happen. We bouldered a couple of times that evening, and on Tuesday morning it was raining. The group I was with (myself included) wasn't comfortable with the amount of water we'd have to deal with on the Apron, so we headed to Cheakamus to do some sport climbing on some of the overhung crags before heading back to Bellingham.

On Wednesday, we again gambled with the weather and drove to Mt. Erie. I had a sport project that I wasn't able to send last year, and I wanted to go back to get on it again. We got a lucky break in the clouds and despite raining during the approach, Erie was dry for most of the morning.

On Thursday we decided to do some planning, and see where we could go for some dry rock. Pretty much everything in the NW was going to rain, so we headed across the mountains to Vantage. Even there, it was raining when we arrived. I had never been on basalt before, and so we spent most of Friday sport climbing, and I was able to onsight my first 11.

On Saturday, a full week of climbing after getting Resurrection, we finally got to do some trad climbing. It was fairly relaxed, and was very helpful to help me get my head back into the trad leading game.

The following weekend, another friend and I went back to Vantage. It was insanely hot, so we were only able to climb early morning until about 11am, when most of the routes are in the sun. To make sure we checked the box on adventure climbing, we headed up an unknown route, one that we couldn't find in the guidebook or on here.

All in, Resurrection was placed a handful of times, and helped me with my first experience on basalt, and with getting used to jamming.

Who's next?